Polymer Money in the US

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Polymer money is used in Australia. People use polymer notes all the time and they love them and don’t find a problem with them and they are easily identified in your wallet. They stick together as much as the paper currency.

You have just got to be careful sorting the notes. I have folded a $50 dollar bill into a 2 inch square and put it in my wallet in my pocket no problems.

Also great if you leave them in your clothing and it goes in the washing machine, your $200 is still there after the wash. I also have never seen a faded note, because I know the banks work with the mint to take them out of circulation if they do get that way just as they used to with paper notes. So if your getting faded notes in your country, someone is not doing their job properly.

Why is America not Adopting this Fully?

As one of the driving economic forces in the world and have the cash to do so, America could change to polymer notes if they really wanted to, but they simply don’t want to. If they have over $1.3 trillion dollars in use, I’m sure they could switch, the political will is just not there and business is just to conservative to make change. You would think it would be easier with plastic card accounts now being used more for monetary transactions.

Polymer notes are less likely to be counterfeited than normal US dollars due to the increased security features compared to US Currency but nothing is foolproof for organized crime if they really wanted to.

Below is a link to the page to learn about Polymer MonerO

Yes the UK , and many other countries are al switching to it and yes they are very conservative so that tells you something. Id love to see a “Yes Prime Minister” episode on the switching to plastic polymer notes. 🙂

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